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My own Poetry


At this site you find poems that I wrote between 1975 and 1994

Most of them speak about basic human things: love, despair, pain, and joy.

Since I met HIM, the great Beloved,  I haven't written anything.

I cannot find words, which are adequate to express, what now has taken place in me. Maybe HE will give back to me the tongue of poetry. "Allah Kerim".
I look forward to the time, when it would be possible for me to write again.
Language(s) is (are) a passion for me, and I'm defeated by it
(them) very often in different ways.

When I was boy, I dreamed of finding a word, with which I could "set the Thames on fire". I took word after word to kindle it, I used them as torches, but they only burned out.

Now I don't think or work in that direction any more , although I believe, it is possible, that a word like this exists.

I would be satisfied
, if someone, who reads my poems, could enjoy them in some way or the other. If you can get more out of them, I would be very glad.
(I'm sorry about the fact that it is impossible for me to translate the poems into English. They only exist in
German and in Greek language.)