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As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barak‚tuhu 


rumi.jpg (29429 Byte) To Sufism HE led me via poetry, too. One day a small book written by Rumi fell into my hands, entitled "Open Secret". I was deeply impressed by these verses. There was warmth in them and wisdom. I looked for other books by this author and found a lot. I bought most of them and read them. I felt enchanted. Now I have to go back a bit. I'd gotten a strict education at a Catholic boarding school and my intellectual development (Historical Materialism, Nietzsche a.o.) had the effect that I didn't deny the existence of these things, but I was not interested in them. I thought to grow up with and in the spirit of a humanistic ideal would be enough to become or be a "good person". 

Then I met the concept of Sufism and informed myself about it. I read very much. It's the inner, the mystic way of Islam. I felt attracted. I visited some Sufi-Meetings and learned a lot about Islam. I saw that there is no way to become "complete" except by devotion, by making myself completely transparent for HIS will. I often miss, mostly I miss. But: "I will not reach it through my effort, but without effort I will never reach it."

I'm often hindered by a deficiency, which I got with my western education, i.e.: these doubts to confide myself to a Sufi-teacher or leader, although I've experienced for myself, how much furth
er I can get when I leave the guidance in expert hands.

And so I often go astray, get lost in the games which my Ego plays with me. But then I go and try it all over again.

 "My biggest heroic deed does not consist in never falling down, but it consists in standing up again whenever I fall".



Here you find the discription of Sufism from Encyclopaedia Britannica:



To show informations about Sufismus, I give up to those, which are more competent than I, and lead you to following sites:


hat.gif (2451 Byte) The Mevlevi-Order

nimatu.gif (1668 Byte)The Ni'matullahi-Order

naqsh.gif (44023 Byte)The Naqshibandi-Order

shah.gif (22038 Byte)Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi (School of islamic Sufism )

 The Chishti-Order



Embcol2.jpg (11478 Byte)Petama-Project


saux.jpg (6892 Byte) The site of a friend of mine, which produced a video about Sufimusic in India and shows here parts of it.



ghp003_cover.jpg (58064 Byte) Once again Sufimusic, in onother way, the Sound of Hip-Hop

Mercan Dede



nihattsolak.jpgAnother beautiful site about Dschelalledin Rumi

Nihát Tsolak




La ilaha illallah