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franz.jpg (9973 Byte) Here is a little bit about myself: 

I was born in Vienna in 1954, but I have been living in Germany the last 30 years, first in Munich and then, for the last 20 years in different villages around Nuremberg. Now I'm back to my roots. In Austria. I don't know what I have to do here, but I will see.

My development was really criss-cross: 

After I quit college, I did a vocational training as a toy dealer and worked as a storekeeper for a while. Then I was a gardener, merchandiser, had a biological gardening firm of my own, worked in an anthroposophic institute for handicapped persons, in a joiner's shop, had my own farm with goats and built furniture. Besides I dealt with detergents, then I was a taxi driver, bookseller and so on. 

I continually read very much: philosophy, therapeutics, psychology, languages, gardening, nature, lyrics and so on. So that I have a strewed knowledge, which helps me to do different jobs.

So now I have many topics I'm interested in. In addition to the things mentioned above, I now learn about religions, especially Islam, Shamanism, and Computers. This varies with the seasons: in the summertime I'm more interested in gardening, nature and outdoor activities, in the wintertime I read more and do things inside.


Here you see a few photos of mine (click to enlarge them)


smallfranz1959.jpg (1457 Byte)That's me at the age of 6 in Vienna



smallfranz1983.jpg (2757 Byte)When I was 29 and had my own biological farm with goats at Wettenhofen 



smallfranz1991.jpg (3586 Byte)I'm 37, at Sulzbuerg (In the background my first Computer, a "Philips P2000")



smallfranz1992.jpg (1896 Byte)One year later in Sitia (Crete)




smallfranz1994.jpg (2981 Byte)1994  Holiday in Latium south of Rome




sigridfranz2.jpg (3620 Byte)1998 at the marriage of a friend at Regensburg



smallhouse.jpg (2994 Byte)The house at Sulzbuerg where I lived